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Low-Carbon Lubrication —— The initial development intention, brand personality and action trajectory of Zhongxun Hi-Tech Lubricant
Release time:2022-5-18

Article source quoted from People's Daily




News: Many years ago, Ye Wenxian, who forged ahead in the energy industry, had the concept and dream of "green high-tech, low-carbon lubrication". As early as 2014, Ye Wenxian was invited to attend the 2nd China SME Global Development Forum, during which he communicated with many domestic and foreign politicians and representatives of entrepreneurs, and discussed the development of SMEs in depth. Develop new concepts and gain general attention and recognition from the industry. Today, Ye Wenxian and his Zhongxun Hi-Tech Investment Group manage the three major brands of "Zhongxun Hi-Tech", "Kesider" and "Kesides-Jamie", benefiting from the "green high-tech, low-carbon lubrication". Leading the start and continuing to sprint, the "three long-lasting" (long-lasting lubrication, long-lasting protection, and long-lasting power) brand characteristics of Zhongxun Hi-Tech Lubricant have been deeply rooted in the hearts of users.

Carbon peaking and carbon neutrality are one of China's major policies today. The key to the lubricant industry's response to the national call for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality lies in deep understanding, active action and practical results. Zhongxun Hi-Tech Investment Group fully realizes that: only by making actual results in "green high-tech, low-carbon lubrication", achieving high efficiency and lasting effectiveness, can we make achievements in building a friendly environment, maintain brand influence, and achieve success in China. The power of the brand is injected into the advancement of the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

Not only that, Ye Wenxian, the head goose of Zhongxun Hi-Tech, also believes that technology has brought acceleration to "low-carbon lubrication", and new thinking, new technologies and new tools are one of the main tools for realizing and upgrading "low-carbon lubrication". To this end, they attach great importance to the application of science and technology, including DOE experiments, and strive to make product quality more stable, functions continue to improve, materials are continuously optimized, parameters are more accurate, and more reliable industrial intensification is achieved. Through repeated DOE experimental settings and continuous SPC statistical process data analysis, the Zhongxun Hi-Tech team found that there are differences in related materials, processes and formulations. The repeated calculation, comparison and demonstration of the DOE experiment of Zhongxun Hi-Tech integrates many factors such as materials, formulations and machine equipment, and realizes the optimization of more than 350 batches of main and auxiliary materials, process improvement and factor ratio. Using it, it not only saves costs, but also improves the function, and saves the repetition and time consumption on the path in the development of new products.

The brand strategy and continuous practice of "low carbon lubrication" have achieved continuous breakthroughs in function, cycle, consumption reduction and waste discharge for Zhongxun Hi-Tech's lubricant products, and the scope of product application has been continuously expanded. These are ahead of many peers. At the same time, the ban on harmful substances affecting the human body and the environment has been thoroughly implemented due to the longer service cycle and more consumption reduction of products, and through comprehensive popularization of users, it aims to guide the market to prevent the generation of new waste, new emissions, and new waste. . These demonstrate the brand's social responsibility, values ​​and development aspirations.


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