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Kroneseder·Jama Petroleum Group and Lubrizol Petroleum Group form strategic partnership
Release time:2021-3-1

At the beginning of the new year of 2021, Shanghai Kesai Des Jiamei Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. and Lubrizol Oil Group Lubrizol Additives (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., one of the largest and oldest multinational oil companies in the world, formally formed a strategic cooperation Partners, in parallel with the licensing.




The Lubrizol Petroleum Group has operations in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, including oil exploration, extraction and refining, and sales. Lubrizol is one of the largest lubricant oil suppliers in the United States and an authority on lubricant technology in Europe and the United States. Lubrizol's achievements in lubricating oil technology have been recognized by major European and American automobile manufacturers. General) and other major lubricant manufacturers.

Ye Wenxian, chairman of Keside (China) Co., Ltd. in the work summary, said that with the integration of its own "lubrication and preservation technology" and "green lubrication technology", Kesides Jiamei Petroleum Group has realized the second improvement of product research and development, Functional quality and market expansion and then upgrade. After the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pandemic entered a new stage, the company's lubricant series in terms of chemical stability, thermal stability, friction reduction and load resistance, including extreme pressure lubricants, have been continuously enhanced due to their excellent performance. Widely praised by new and old users.

The epidemic prevention situation is changing, and the political and economic situation is also changing. In the face of complex and drastic changes, Kesaides Car American Petroleum Group regards the changes in the market as the new normal, makes decisive decisions, bucks the trend, and takes the lead in the new era. On the road, the three major tasks of product research and development, market optimization and layout upgrade have been completed with high quality. By echoing the "internal and external dual circulation" strategy, the brand influence has been further enhanced.

Lubrizol Petroleum pursues the trust, specialization and functionalization of its products, and provides various support and care to service objects and strategic partners. To provide technology-leading high-performance products, Lubrizol continues to carry out its own research and development in laboratories around the world, often partnering with the world's leading manufacturers, science and technology centers and universities, enabling Lubrizol to achieve excellence in innovation and quality. enjoys a high reputation.

The formation of a strategic partnership between the Cosides and Lubrizol Petroleum Group has further improved the level of cooperation between the two parties and provided a mechanism guarantee for cooperation in the energy field including the lubricant industry. At present, Lubrizol products include more than 530 types of lubricants for vehicles, more than 800 types of lubricants for industrial use, and special products developed for the special requirements of individual customers. The lubricants of this brand have been rigorously checked and tested, meeting or exceeding the quality standards and specifications promulgated by many international organizations, with excellent quality.

"Creating smarter, better life." The concept of cooperation between Cosides and Lubrizol will continue to deepen and expand, so that the foundation for sustainable development of both parties will continue to be consolidated.


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